Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Great Pulp game find!

I took a quick trip to the comic shop today. no real reason just burning some time. I picked up a couple of titles and lo and behold I found a game. Now my comic store is usually strictly comics, but every once in a while they pick up a few RPGs in a large comic buy. In this case it was an old classic from yesteryear. Justice Inc.

That was a cool find in itself. But as every true Pulp Gamer knows: when you find a Justice Inc. box you have to look inside for one of the "Holy Grail's" of Gaming -"Lands of Mystery".

Now, "Lands of Mystery" was a supplement for running a "Lost World" pulp setting. It was written by Champions Guru Aaron Allston, and is considered one of the best gaming supplements ever written.

Dare I hope?

Would it be there?

Yer damn skippy it would!

There it was, in all its glory and in pristine condition too!

And all for $7.99

It was a good day.

Friday, June 24, 2011

I WILL be going to Comic-Con 2011!!!

My wife and I just got our tickets!
It will be our first time there. This year I'll be going as an atendee, next year I might just have a table!

Woo Hoo!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Dicey Tales adventure anyone?

My buddy Conan and I are gonna play a little BoL Pulp using the rules from Dicey Tales tomorrow. We'll be using Skype. we have room for about three others.

We are going to start at about 1:PM PST.
You need a copy of BoL and Dicey Tales #1

The game should last about 4 hours. If anyone else out there is up for a quick pickup game let me know!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Black Death

I ran across this gem the other day on Netflix.  It had all the necessary ingredients to pique my curiosity- swords, soldiers, sorcery, and Sean Bean.  Much like "Season of the Witch" which I wrote about in January, Black Death takes place in the dark ages and involves hunting for witches in one of the darkest periods in human history. Unlike Season of the Witch, Black Death is more of a historical thriller than an out and out horror movie. There are few CGI effects, But it turns out that we don't need leaping flames and crawling demons to experience horror.

The actions of the characters in Black Death are pretty graphic and horrific without needing a green screen.  That said, the movie makes several intelligent statements about religion and morality.
Of note to gamer's- there are well choreographed skirkishes and nice depictions of weapons, armor, torture devices, and tips on playing a witch-hunter without all of the stylized anime inspired posing and coolness normally attributed to these very brutish men.

The Evil DM gives Black Death two thumbs up (now put away the thumbscrews).

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Just little bit more pimping on my Blog and then we'll get back to Wednesday girls.

For a limited time I put Legends of Steel -Barbarians of Lemuria Edition and Legends of Steel - Savage Worlds Edition, on sale for 30% off at Lulu. 

LoS /BoL is a hardback and LoS / SW is a softback.

This is for a limited time only (the next few days anyway).  

I happen to be in a good mood (see Dicey Tales).

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Friday, June 10, 2011

DIcey Tales #1

The first issue of Dicey Tales will be coming out this weekend. It will be released as an $8.00  PDF download over at RPGNow. 

Dicey Tales is a periodical that features articles supporting the Barbarians of Lemuria (BoL) roleplaying game. Our goal is to expand the reach of BoL beyond Sword & Sorcery into the full realm of the pulps. Every issue features official expansions of the BoL rules allowing the system to encompass all of the various genres of pulp adventure- Two-fisted adventure, Western, Outer Space, Lost World, and many more.

Issue #1 of Dicey Tales launches our two-part foray into the classic adventure pulps. With this issue of Dicey Tales the world of daredevils, soldiers of fortune, occult investigators and cloaked crime-fighters will now be fully incorporated into the BoL system.

New “Adventure Pulp” Character generation rules
New Careers
New Boons
New Flaws
New rules for Magic, Psychic Powers, Super Science Gadgets, firearms and vehicles
Two complete adventures

All officially approved for use with the Barbarians of Lemuria: Legendary Edition rules.

I've decided not to send out "Review Copies" this time around.  I've tried it before with my various versions of LoS and never really  received much feedback.  A few good folks turned in reviews, but compared to the number of free copies I gave out, the response was just too small. That's not to say no one will be getting a free copy- all the folks who helped out with DT are on the list as well as a few "Friends of the Lair".