Monday, August 04, 2003

Went to go see American wedding this weekend. Funny as all hell. sophomoric? Yes. Crude and raunchy? Of course. But still, funny as all hell. Though I think the franchise needs to stop here before it gets tired.

We had our little cake and ice cream get together for nick on Friday, he got a couple of Go-bots and a plush doggy chair (my son loves dogs). Only problem Josh (my 3 year old) saw all the attention and started to cry. Oh well his turn is this week. I'm thinking Hot Wheels for him.

Another coupla great posts this weekend. We are getting close to starting. I know you guys are investing a lot of time and effort in these characters and it shows, I just want to remind you that the foes you will be facing are mad wicked and psionics WILL be a factor in play so it is recommended that you have a back-up character ready if your first one takes the big dive, remember the Evil DM does not do resurrection. Never has, never will.

Friday, August 01, 2003


My little Nick-o-lodean is 3 today. After work it's off to Toys R Us to pick him up some Go-Bots Weren't these toys around back in the 80's?? Well they are back and targeted for the 3-5 year old set. And he loves the commercials. I absolutely live getting toys for the kids (I might even be able to squirrel away a lil something for myself heh.heh.)

Cool site alert!
Saw a funny one today it's called "the gamers" you can see a QuickTime sample of it over at