Saturday, June 28, 2003

Long time no Blog

Hey all,

Well it looks like things are finally settling down at work. Man it was a rocky start. My second day there I come down with pneumonia. I tried to tough it out but it was a no go.
I ended up staying out for a week. So in essence everything that I was taught that first week was a fuzzy blur. After I got better I went back and was ready to resume training, unfortunately the company I work for The Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA) was the target of an investigation by the local newspaper concerning misappropriation of funds. So needless to say everyone in the company was busy looking up expense reports and tax returns trying to prove that there were no improprieties so you can imagine that training the "new guy" wasn't high on the list of things to do. So I was given some busy work to keep me occupied till we weathered out the editorial storm. After that crisis had passed it was time to get the July bill run ready.
But things got better the company was cleared and I finally got re-trained. I love the job and most of the people in my department are pretty cool (there's always one though huh?). I'm a Benefits Enrollment Coordinator. My job is to maintain the Medical, Dental, Vision, and Life files for all of the employees from each individual water district in California and their affiliated agencies. I also make sure the districts remain in compliance with the various insurances and their policies.

The Game

I'm looking forward to this new direction in the Campaign. A world invasion just seems so cool. This is a great way to get you guys in a position where you might get a chance to impact the world. I'm thinking to pump you guys up to 9th level to begin with. As far as where to start what do you guys think? Should we start right where we left off and adjust accordingly? Or should we advance the campaign a couple of years and create back-story for their newfound levels? If the latter then I can hammer out something with each of you individually and say that the current storyline ended when the swords returned to Bitterwell after restoring Mal's folly. Cassandra can do some much needed research. Van can sharpen his performing skills. The woodsy boys (Ben, Darian, and Cole) could have time to really familiarize themselves with the Spire mountain range. And Ham will practice his trade both in Bitterwell and when he makes forays into the city with Cassandra and Van. This will also make Sir Anselm a more potent character I know Rob envisions powerful things for his paladin and I agree that given his background 4th level is just too low for his character.
Please let me know all your thoughts on this and please refrain from perusing any of the dungeon or dragon magazines that deal with the "Incursion". I'm sure to change some facets of it in order to make it Erisa compliant, but I still want it to be enjoyable for you all.

So...Incursion. A campaign based on an outer planar invasion of Erisa. A Githyanki empire from an Outer -Plane, led by a Githyanki Lich-Queen looks to expand their borders to include the small out of the way planet of Erisa (remember Erisa exists in the same Universe as Oerth (Greyhawk), Krynn (Dragonlance), and The Forgotten Realms world of Toril). Erisa is far from the regular space ways traveled by the "Spelljammers", this and the fact that it is an Elfless world has meant that Erisa has pretty much been left alone by the major player worlds. But all that will be changing, as the Githyanki begin their invasion. And the invasion will begin in Pellen, a fractured nation struggling to recover from a recent invasion itself. Will Pellen fall? Will the Lich-Queens armies establish a beachhead and conquer the world? And will they stop with Erisa?

please post your thoughts either here or on yahoogroups!