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LoSSW update

So after about 5 years and several revisions Legends of Steel is out there. Sales have been good. Feedback has been sparse but positive. One rules inconsistency has been discovered and it’s a pretty obvious one so I’m kicking myself for missing it. Several good suggestions have come my way and each will be considered. This is a learning process for me, so all constructive criticism and suggestions will be given serious consideration. I will be sending out a new version of the PDF with any needed corrections being made. I’m giving it a few days so that I only have to send one out.
The decision to go without RPGNow or any of the 3rd party PDF stores seems to be working for now. Sendspace has been very reliable in getting Legends of Steel –Savage Worlds Edition (LoSSW) out to the folks with no trouble at all. I don’t offer the instant gratification that RPGNow and Co. provide but everyone who has ordered a copy from me gets it within an hour or so (unless they order it after “lights out” here at the Lair, in which case they get it first thing the next morning).
I’ve only seen one review so far it's at The Geek Life Project  (Thanks!).  
I hope to see some more in the coming days.
Thanks for all the support folks, and if you like LoSSW please help get the word out.

Monday, March 30, 2009

LoSSW weekend sale a success!

I want to thank everyone who purchased a copy of LoSSW this last weekend. It was a very exciting time for me and my family. So far SendSpace has delivered all of the copies without any problems, I'm very pleased with their service.

Comments so far have been positive. I think people are happy with LoSSW and feel they got their monies worth. Times are tough and even parting with ten or twelve dollars isn't something done lightly anymore.

To those of you who like what you see in LoSSW, I would really appreciate it if you could let people know via blogposts, messageboards, etc. I dont have much of a advertising budget so I'm really depending on word of mouth from satisfied customers to spread the word.

So once again thank you, and look for Legends of Steel- Broadsword Edition very soon. Now back to work on The Lost World of Hador.

And now back to our regularly scheduled post.

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Legends of Steel-Savage Worlds Edition is out! *Special offer*

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to announce that Evil DM Productions is offering for a limited time the Legends of Steel –Savage Worlds Edition for the discounted price of $10.00 ($2.00 off the regular price).

This special offer ends Sunday 03/29/2009 at 11:59pm PST.

This package includes the 70 page PDF of Legends of Steel – Savage Worlds Edition, a printer friendly version, and a high resolution map.

Please make payment via Paypal to Evil DM Productions Boojiesdad@gmail.com

Spread the word.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thank you!

Last week I asked Heyoka Studios to remove The World of Broadsword from their virtual shelves. The reason being is that very soon Legends of Steel- Broadsword Edition will be coming out. The Broadsword Edition of Legends of Steel will contain all of the material from the World of Broadsword plus additional content such as a beautifully rendered full color map, additional Advantages, and more locales.

The World of Broadsword was my first solo attempt to create a commercial RPG product. I'm glad to say it was a success. I'd like to thank all of you who purchased WoB and promoted it on the various Blogs and Forums we all belong to. I'd also like to thank James Stubbs of Heyoka Studios and Todd Downing of Deep7 Games for allowing me the chance to expand on the Broadsword 1PG.

As a special thank you to everyone who helped support Evil DM Productions by purchasing a copy of WoB, you will be receiving a free upgrade PDF copy of Legends of Steel- Broadsword Edition once it becomes available.
Thanks again everyone.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Evil DM Productions Update

I received a draft copy of the LoSSW PDF with pictures included. I sent off some notes for revisions and corrections. This should be the final go around. I spoke with James at Heyoka tonight and he feels we should be able to wrap this all up by Sunday. Upon delivery of the final manuscript I'll be sending it to Lulu and see what a "Hardcopy" of LoS looks like. If I like what I see then I'll probably look into offering it there for hard copy purchases. If not it'll just be released as a PDF. Close on the heels of that release, LoS-Broadsword edition and LoS-ZeFRS edition will follow.

Work on Hador is going great. Joffery is doing some interior art, Ryan is working on the map and Chris has sent me some great art as well. I hope my content does their efforts justice.

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24 years later - Part III

Continued from Part II

(The Free City of Greyhawk)


The cheers and applause were deafening, the Grand Theater shuddered with the reverberations.

“Thank you! Goodnight!” Diana exclaimed to the packed -Standing room only-crowd.

Waving to the crowd and bowing one last time to the orchestra. She quickly made her way offstage.


“Three curtain calls! Three curtain calls! Can you believe it? And they’re still clapping!” her manager Jose’ exclaimed.

“You were golden baby, GOLDEN!”  He sputtered as he ran to keep up with Diana’s long strides.

Diana looked back at Jose’ and smiled. “Yeah we rocked it huh?”

The stout Dwarf stopped in his tracks “Rocked it??  Hey I like that. “Diana Rocks!” Did you just come up with that?”

Diana and José walk into her dressing room. Jose’ starts shooing well wishers and costume people out. As the last person leaves, he locks the door and turns to see Diana taking off her wig and shaking her hair loose.

“No, It’s just an old saying from where I come from.” She said.

Slipping out of her dress and standing before him, her tight nude body glistening in the lamplight she asks “Did you make the arrangements?”

“I did” he said nonchalantly staring at her dark golden skin. “You know kid, I wish you wouldn’t just get naked like that, I may be 120 years old but I still get urges y’know?”

“Sorry Jose’” Diana responded “I’m just in a hurry.”

“Yeah, I noticed.  But why?” he asked “You’re not leaving till the morning.”

“I have to meet some people tonight.” She said

“Some people?”

“Yes, some people.”

“Business people?” He asked.

“Yes, but not “our business” sort of business people.”  She leaned over and kissed the Dwarf on the forehead. “Don’t worry Jose’, you aren’t being replaced.”

“Who said anything about being worried” Jose’ exclaimed. “I’m just, concerned is all. This is a tough town babygirl.”

“And I can take care of myself. You of all people should know that.” Diana responded.

Diana dressed quickly, dark non-descript trousers and blouse.  Jose’ took note as she tucked a sheath holding a long sturdy stiletto into one of her boots.

“You want I should get a couple of the boys to go with you.” He said as he watched her buckle a leather waist belt that held the tubular scabbard for her “staff”.

“I told you already, I’ll be fine.” Clasping a charcoal grey cloak about her. “Now go out there and make up some excuse for me, so I can get out of here. I’m late already.”

Jose walked to the door. “Fine , fine. The carriage will be in front of your place one hour after dawn.” Jose took one last look at Diana, the face and body of a nineteen year old, but the will and determination of a woman twice her age.  “Be careful babygirl.”

“I’m the soul of caution.” She responded with a smile.


Twenty minutes later, several levels below the rainy streets of the Free City,  Diana was in a sparse, windowless room, standing in front of a large mahogany desk. Across from her sat a short balding man.  

“Two months leave. Hmm…You realize this is very short notice. We have several operations that this will no doubt disrupt.”

“I understand sir. But he was a very dear friend” Diana said.

“I was under the impression that he was just a low level informant from your time in Hardby.” The man said quizzically as he looked at her.

Diana knew that the man across from her had a complete file on Bobby, just as he had on everyone the agency had contact with.  He knew full well how close Bobby and the others had been to Diana.

“Sir” Diana said, as she tried her best to not come off as tense “I’m sure that you knew about the contents of the letter I received before I did. The agency owns half the courier services in the city and has agents placed in the rest.”

His silence confirmed Dianna’s statement. 

 “I honestly don’t see the problem. I’ve more than earned the time off.” She continued.

“The problem Major, is that you are a very valuable asset. And while Nyrond is our ally, having you there without adequate back up is a concern.” The man stated.

“I can take care of myself, sir.” Diana said.

“I know that, still, the agency has invested quite a bit in your training and your cover. Those potions that keep you so young don’t come cheaply.”

“I understand that sir.” Diana said.

He stared at Diana for several seconds before finally breaking the silence. “You have one month Major. At your first opportunity you will check in at our house in Nyrond.” The man lifted a quill pen and began writing.

“You’re dismissed Major.” He said without looking up.

To be continued...

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New stuff



Heroic Fantasy Quarterly

Here is a new publication trying to get off the ground.  If you have a story in your head drop them a line.



PF Cover-9(1)

Paperback Fanatic

I’m  a big fan of Paperback Fanatic. It’s a great resource for pulp lovers. The newest issue is out. Jump on it!

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24 Years Later -Part II

(The Duchy of Urnst)

“Will you be needing your dining clothes for court sir?” The Valet asked.
“No, Thank you Justin. I don’t think I’ll need them for this trip.” Eric said.
Michelle adjusted her dolls skirt and looked up at her father “Why do you have to go Daddy?”
“Because an old friend needs me.” Eric replied.
“Can I come with you? I can help.”
Eric knelt before his daughter “I’m sure you can help sweetheart, but Daddy has to ride fast. And besides, I need you here to take care of Mommy.”
“But Jeremy and David will be here, they can take care of mommy.” The child said pleadingly.
“That’s enough of that young lady.” Came a voice from the doorway.
Eric turned to see his wife enter the room.
She regarded the valet with a smile. “Justin would you be so kind to take Michelle and have her wash for dinner?”
“Right away Milady. This way please miss.” The valet indicated as he headed to the door.
Kissing his daughters cheek, Eric then rose and embraced his wife.
As the door closed behind them she looked at him with her brilliant blue eyes. “You’re going then?”
With a sigh Eric released her “Constance we’ve already been through all of this.” He sat on the bed. “I’ve sent notice to the Duke, The boys are home, and Devin will act in my stead He’ll take care of anything official while I’m away. I’ll be back in a few weeks.”
“I know” she said quietly. “It’s just that…”
“It’s just that it’s Sheila.” He finished for her.
She looked away.
“Honey, I love you.” Eric said. “What happened with me and Sheila happened many years ago, before I ever met you. That is all in the past.”
Touching her face gently he turned her towards him. “Bobby has been killed. Murdered. He was my friend and I’m honor bound to lay him to rest and help as I can.”
Constance nodded. “I don’t want you going alone.”
“I won’t be alone” Eric said as he hugged his wife tightly “Cannon and Fodder will be going with me.” He winced slightly.
She bristled “Oh Eric, not those two. They’re overgrown children!”
“Who happened to have saved my life twice in the Shield Lands.” He responded firmly.
“I suppose” she said with a hint of resignation and then continued. “You are an honorable man, Sir Eric Pontifax I suppose that’s part of why I married you.”
“We should be getting downstairs for dinner” he said as he kissed her neck.
“Dinner will wait.” She responded.

To be continued…

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Last night while surfing I clicked on a link for ancestors.com and just for the hell of it I put in some information on myself. Three hours later I'm immersed in more data about my family than I ever knew. I verified a bunch of it through my mother and aunts. All true so far. I met a distant cousin there who has been researching for a couple of years now. I even helped straighten out a few dates for her. She lives less that 70 miles from me and I didnt even know it. So far most of the information I have found pertains to my mothers side of the family by the name of Mascarenas which it turns out is descended from Portugal. If what I have found out so far is true here is how it goes:

Gonzalo De Azevedo MASCAREÑAS is born around 1590 in Lisbon Portugal.

In his early 20' he ships off to New Spain (Mexico)

At age 28, Gonzalo meets a girl named Catalina De Quinones. On December 16th 1618 they marry in Mexico city, settle down and have five sons.

in 1693 Gonzalo's Grandson, Jose Bernardo Mascarenas is part of the first group of colonists to journey to New Mexico and settle.

In the late 1800's part of the family relocates to Higbee Colorado.

In the 1920's some relocate to La Junta Colorado.

In April of 1964 I am born in Denver Colorado, fulfilling a prophecy made centuries ago.

In June of 1964 we move to Sacramento.

Present day.

Now this is just one branch of my tree. I still have to look at my dads side.

So far these revelations blow the hell outta the popular belief that I was descended from Aztec kings. It's looking more like I'm the scion of European adventurers, I can live with that.

I wonder Why Gonzalo left Portugal?
Was he a third son with no inheritance to look forward to?
Was he swayed by the stories of streets paved with gold?
Did he compromise a noblemans daughter?
was he a thief on the run?
The romantic in me wants to believe it was something more exiting that plague or starvation.

gotta keep digging...

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