Thursday, January 23, 2014

Rolling 20!

Back in the fall of last year I started a 2nd Edition AD&D campaign using roll20 and Google Hangouts.
Tomorrow we will be playing our 16th weekly session. I’m really enjoying the group of players that have joined. Everyone plays nicely and we all seem to get along.   My players stretch from coast to coast on the map and down to Brazil.

I’ve stretched my Roll20 legs and have participated in several other games and I’m in the midst of a playtest of The Lost World of Hador for Dicey Tales.

I’ve found the online play using Roll20 just as satisfying as face to face play, with the added bonus of not having to clean up after the game is over!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Dragon Magazine sweet spot: issues #251-#273

I've been gaming since 1978 and started buying Dragon Magazine from issue #48, but even though I bought Dragon regularly, the issues from the mid 200’s to the end of the magazine were usually purchased and put in the pile of “to be read”. 

At the time my pursuits were elsewhere (like trying to convince my not-yet-wife to go out with me), so the pile languished and at some point was boxed up.  I have the Dragon archive discs so I had the first 250 issues covered and have referred to them often. I continued to buy dragon out of habit, even though I wasn’t a fan of any of the later editions (my heart belongs to 2nd edition).

So the other day I was cleaning the garage and I ran across a box with issues #251- #280. And I discover that the majority of them are from the 2nd edition days (issue #274 was the first 3rd edition issue), which meant I had over a year’s worth of 2nd edition dragon magazines that I had never gotten around to reading! 

It couldn't have come at a better time, as my online 2nd ed. campaign is in full-swing. So now I’m having a great time, perusing my forgotten treasures.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Musketeers on BBC

The BBC is running a brand new series called The Musketeers. The first episode was Sunday night I believe. I gave it a couple of days to hit the torrent sites and downloaded it this morning. I enjoyed the premier episode. They take a few liberties with the original story, but nothing too off the wall (no flying airships, or any of that crap).  The fight scenes are done nicely, and I like the actors they've chosen for the Musketeers. I'll be following this one. For those of you willing to wait, it's due to hit BBC America this spring.