Sunday, February 20, 2005

Nor-Cal show

I had a great time at this years Northern Cal. GI Joe show. The show had plenty of tables, plenty of deals and some really great custom work. Rather than show you a bunch of pictures of middle aged guys dickering over dolls, I thought I would highlight the featured Diorama. The featured theme this year was Fantasy! Fred Jeska one of the shows organizers created a huge 15' long dungeon corridor complete with cavern dressings and monsters (A Necromancer, animated skeletons, a goblin war-band, and a monstrous Troll) . The rest of the Norcal group provided the requisite heroes. Rex and Ed brought Dwarven warriors, Pete brought a Human warrior and a Mage, Fred brought a Halfling ranger, and Human warrior (I think Filch was there as well, but he was either hiding in shadows or looting bodies, cause I never saw him during the fighting). I brought in A female Sorceress and Thaco the Ogre.

Thursday, February 17, 2005


Well the "cold from hell" continues to linger on (almost a month now). Part of the problem is that some of the medication I'm on for another condition prevents me from taking cold medicine- so I just got to tough it out. Making me tired, and irritable. I've missed a ton of work, my online game is on the road to ruin, my blog has remained frozen in January, a new group I launched is floundering, my tabletop game hasn't met in weeks, and I got into a flame war with a putz on an action figure board. I seriously need to get a grip. I got an action figure show coming up this weekend. I'm going to help a buddy (Ed) tend his booth. And believe it or not Legends of Steel is still going strong. In fact, I have re-examined my objective so to speak and am in the process of moving more in a true Sword & Sorcery direction and away from the "D&D clone" I feel it was becoming.