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Not much to write about today. But one thing that I did want to mention is that I’m always on the lookout for software doodads and doohickeys  to make my life easier and more organized. I know I’m slow on the curve here but I recently encountered Microsoft's OneNote. It’s been sitting in my HD on my office 2007 package.  This thing is wonderful. Its helps organize and store all the snippets I run across on the net and just everyday stuff from addresses and directions to phone numbers. any way it’s great and probably has a tone of uses and applications I haven't even thought of yet. If any of you out there use OneNote drop me a line and clue me into any of the different ways you use this to use.

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

24 years later-part I


Sheila looked at the cold corpse of her brother.

How Bob had ever found her she would never know. The years had been rough on them all but poor Bobby seemed to have taken it the hardest. It was over twenty years since she'd seen him last, since they all parted ways. She'd heard rumor that Bobby and Uni had been captured by Goblins in the Pomarj. Bobby escaped. Uni didn’t. Ever since then Bob had been on the skids, drinking heavily and on the lotus. Sheila had run into Di a few years ago at a tavern in Furyondy. Diana had said Bob was working as an enforcer for some Low life Half-Orc pimp in Hardby. That was the last Sheila had heard of him. Until last night. He showed up at her apartment. Strung out and babbling. She almost didn’t recognize him. And he couldn’t have shown up at a worse time. She had finally found a buyer for the jewels from the Skelos job. Some fool of a merchant from Greyhawk with more money than sense was meeting her that very night. So she sat Bobby down gave him some food and a bottle and told him to sit tight, she'd be back before dawn. He actually wanted to come along as if he could be of any help, same old Bobby.

When she got back to her place in the morning she found the door ajar. With dagger in hand she pushed the door with her soft boot and entered. Nothing appeared out of place, except for Bobby, lying on her blood-soaked bed with his throat slit from ear to ear.

To be Continued.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The forum is working out nice


It was with some trepidation that I started a forum page on the Evil DM Production Website.  I say trepidation because at the moment I don't have a whole helluva lot to post about since I really don’t have any product to sell yet.

But I figured that EDMP needed a place of its own to discuss all things related to LoS, Hador and our other projects.  I have tried real hard to keep the “pimping” of LoS to a bare minimum on most boards. Now with my own forums I have a place to post and pimp away!

One especially cool thing that has arisen from all of this is a sub forum on the site that deals with adventure fiction in all its varied forms.  A few months ago I was talking with Howard Jones of Blackgate Magazine and we were discussing the need for a forum dedicated to not only Sword & Sorcery but also to the whole genre of heroic fiction in general. The two-fisted pulps of Louis L’Amour, the Historical epics of Harold Lamb, TV Shows like Time Tunnel and Rat patrol and so on.  I added such a place on to the EDMP Forums. It’s called Worlds of Adventure. It’s showing promise and I hope more people find their way to it. Even if you have no interest in gaming or Evil DM Productions, stop by and take a look you might find a discussion that interests you. A special thanks to loyal reader and “Friend of the Lair”  Dale A.  who helped me with all the technical stuff in setting it up. Dale has earned some free products and a bunch of swag from EDMP once I have some swag to pass out.

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Evil DM Productions has a forum


I just wanted to send a quick not out to let you all know that I have opened a forums section on the Evil DM Productions website. The Forum actually consists of two parts. First is a section dealing exclusively with Evil DM Productions – Information on releases as well as forums for each product line. The second section is an open forum geared to discussions on Heroic Fiction in all its various mediums and genres, such as the various branches of Pulp, Men's Adventure, and Historical Adventure - Everything from Conan to The Executioner.

I know it's "Another forum" and if you're like me you probably belong to three too many as it is. Never the less, I want to extend the invitation to all of you. Whether you interest lies in gaming or the any other area of Heroic Adventure in the media, I invite you join this new group and help me grow it into a interesting place to discuss our shared enjoyment of action and adventure.


Jeff M.

You can find the forum at the Evil DM Production website under "Forums"

Or you can go directly to it at:

Friday, February 20, 2009

Goodwill – Where old games go to die.

Some call it Goodwill. I call it Greatwill.  I figured that my local Greatwill is an interdimensional portal for old games and Gamerstuff.

In one week, ONE WEEK, look what I picked up for as Little as .50 cents for the Tunnels and Trolls modules, $2.00 for the boxed sets, and a whopping $3.99 for the Dr. Steel- Big Jim P.A.C.K figure. I may never buy shoes there but I’ll snap up .50cent modules as quick as they set them out!

greatwill 014

I never even heard of this book till I saw it at Greatwill. It’s apparently a collection of Chainmail Bikini style funny short stories.

greatwill 013

greatwill 012

greatwill 011

greatwill 010

greatwill 009

greatwill 008

greatwill 007


The Dr. Steel figure has a fully chromed hand and still sports his dragon and wolf tattoos!

greatwill 006

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Lost World of Hador- cover draft

hadorsw colorcover draft02192009

Like I stated in an earlier post this week, despite the delay with Legends of Steel, work goes on with our other products.  Here is the cover draft of our next product- The Lost World of Hador. Hador is a far off moon of exotic beauty and danger.  I can’t tell you how please I am with the artist Joffery Suarez’s vision of Hador.  I’m equally excited about the cartography being done by Ryan Shelton, who has been able to organize all of the  peoples, places, and things floating in my head that make up Hador.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

“Want to give God a good laugh? Tell him your plans”

I just wanted to give everyone an update on Legends of Steel. To reiterate It’s written, It’s all done. It has gone for layout to add the art, table of contents, etc. Unfortunately the person doing the layout is under the weather at the moment. I heard from him yesterday and he is down for the count and focused on getting better. As I sit here I have three of my minions down with various stages of a cold. So even the Lair is not immune. I don’t want to string folks along with false release dates and stalling tactics. The first priority is ones health and family. LoS will come out as soon as these issues are resolved. But the good news is that this should be the final hurdle.

In other news, work on Lost World of Hador moves forward. Joffery has finished the cover and will begin work on some interior art, Ryan has turned in his latest updated version of the campaign map and I as always doing “research” and writing.

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Make Mine Microsoft!


For the past week or so I have been struggling with trying to get some type of website put together for the up-coming release of Legends of Steel –Savage Worlds Edition. 

Since I started Evil DM Productions I have received lots of offers for website and Logo design. Unfortunately, I really cant afford the prices that I’m being quoted. At least not until I can recoup some of my initial investment.  So I needed to take the “do it yourself” route.

I can cut n paste – drag n drop with the best of them, but when you start talking about source codes and HTML, my eyes just kind of glaze over.

So I not only needed something free but also easy.  My first stop was my usual go to- Google.  I had a crappy site there already and I figured all I needed to do was update it. But then I find out that Google is no longer supporting their Google pages product, though they keep it running for those who want to keep using it. I really didn't want to tie my site to that hitching post.

So then I went to Tripod. And quickly left.

Finally I looked at Microsoft .

Now I’m gonna say something that may cost me a few readers, but fuck it.  I happen to like Microsoft. Nay, I LOVE MICROSOFT!

When I was In college Microsoft Office got me through many a late night.  I know for a fact that Power Point was responsible for at least three A’s based on my final presentation. And if it wasn't for Excel I would have dropped out midway through my statistics class.  And the first computer game I ever bought “Close Combat: A Bridge too far”  was from Microsoft ( I still whip that baby out and run it every so often), and as if I needed one more reason: my XBox360 lets me kick Nazi ass every day with Call of Duty . So yeah, me and Microsoft- tight.

So anyway, I do a lot of stuff on office live. I noticed that office live has a sub site-office live small business. Hey that's exactly what I want to be- a small business. in this suite of stuff they have a website designer. Nothing fancy at all, but it works and its free.

Even with this bare bones, no-frills program It still took me almost two days to hammer something halfway decent out of it.

So here it is.

She aint gonna win any beauty contests but she does her job.  Thanks Bill.

More later.

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Great Googly Moogly! Bloodbowl - the videogame!

I had a buddy in Hawai'i that had all the BloodBowl stuff ever released including every miniature PAINTED!
That was one fun boardgame.

And yes this is available for XBOX 360.

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