Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Star Frontiers /5th Edition D&D conversion

I just ran across a 5th edition conversion for the TSR Star Frontiers game. Star Frontiers has always been a favorite of mine. Unfortunately I've only been able to play it a handful of times in the last 30+ years that its been around, but thats about to change. Thanks to Micheal Long a blogger on Tribality who wrote a great series of articles on converting Star Frontiers to 5E D&D. The articles have been gathered up, expanded on, and published in issue 11 of Frontier Explorer.

Star Frontiers /5E is a perfect mini campaign for my players to explore when we are ready to take a break from slaying dragons but still want to stay with the same ruleset. Many of the old modules are online and there has been  a great deal of fan support for Star Frontiers over the years in the form of at least two publications that I'm aware of - Star Frontiersman and Frontier Explorer.

 I really hope Micheal continues the series and adds more support for his 5E conversion. For now, a hearty thank you Micheal Long for your efforts!

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