Thursday, March 06, 2008

Get your game on! - GaryCon 08

World-Wide GaryCon this weekend!
By now everyone I'm sure has heard of the passing of Gary Gygax. One of the best suggestions so far for a fitting tribute is GaryCon. Basically GaryCon is about gaming.
This weekend take some time and play a game. Run a game for your kids, play a game with your buddies, teach someone new about gaming-any gaming.
Dungeons and Dragons would be great, but have a game of GURPS if you like, or Candyland, or Monopoly, or even (Lord help me) Pokemon!

It doesn’t matter - just sling the dice, deal the cards, move the tokens. Interact, have fun, laugh and remember Gary and all he gave us.

Here at the Lair I'll be running the minions through a good old fashioned Basic D&D Dungeon crawl.

If you would like to play a game but lack the resources, here are some links to free games available on the great big internets!

Sword & Sorcery:
ZeFRS Homepage and rulebook

Star Frontiers


Mazes and Minotaurs

Four Color here or here

Board games:
Robot Combat Boardgame

Dwarfstar games

And over at the "Forgotten files" I have the Crime Fighters pulp RPG from the Pages of Dragon Magazine and the original Dragonfist RPG.

Game on!

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  1. Anonymous11:44 AM

    We'll be taking part! Apocalypse tomorrow, Shadowrun tomorrow night, and Dragonlance on Sunday!