Sunday, August 16, 2015

Adventures on the 7th Sea - Origins of a campaign

I've been itching for a while to try a different type of fantasy adventure campaign than the standard western flavored campaigns I've run in the past. I've always loved the Sinbad stories so I figured I would try using the Middle East as a starting area for my campaign. Taking a further step I decided to incorporate the  Changa's Safari stories by Milton Davis.

Looking though my gaming library I pulled out my copy of Gary Gygax's Epic Aerth supplement for his Dangerous Journeys RPG. Epic of Aerth gave me a great starting point as it's basically a fantasy Earth set in an alternate reality. Many of the names and locales are the same but with just enough of a difference for the players to know that they are not on a historical earth, this also allows me the freedom to ignore earth history when convenient for me and silence noisy players when they whine about some nit-picky fact from actual ancient history.

My system of choice has always been Dungeons & Dragons, and with the recent release of the 5th edition I decided to take a stab at this new campaign using the new rules. For a campaign name I decided of "Adventures on the 7th Sea" since I expect most of our game time spent adventuring in the Indian Ocean region.

I'm hoping to run a campaign where the heroes are a combination of merchants, adventurers, and explorers.  Though there will be dungeon crawls and tomb raiding I want there to also be a bit of commerce going on as well.  I plan on giving the characters a Dhow and a crew and allow them to manage their crew and ship as well as how many torches and iron rations they are stuffing into their back packs.

I realize that this type of campaign isn't to everyone's taste but for a group that's interested in this type of gaming I'm hoping it will prove fun. 

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